Seven Money-Saving Tips for Office Employees

When you’re limited to a fixed monthly paycheck, it truly is challenging to save money. Especially if you don’t have a very high salary, it is quite understandable if you live from paycheck to paycheck. Do you ever wonder how that one colleague manages to have a fat savings account while you don’t even have more than a few dollars left before payday? Perhaps he or she’s doing something right. Unless you’re earning over 5 digits each month, then perhaps you can make use of these 7 easy and simple money-saving tips for employees.

1.Spend within your means.

The first and foremost problem of those who usually find themselves out of money even before payday is when they spend more than what they actually have. It’s about time you cut that credit card into two or hide it somewhere until you actually need it for emergency purposes. Determine those emergencies so you won’t get tempted — a car repair or ER admission are considered emergencies, a comfortable new bed you saw online isn’t. Don’t spend money that you don’t have yet. Here’s a simple tip: if you can’t pay in cash, you can’t afford it.

2. Bring packed lunch.

Instead of eating out with your colleagues all the time, why not bring packed lunch instead? Last night’s leftovers will still be good enough for lunch or you can cook more for breakfast so you can have some of those for lunch. Grind some fresh coffee beans and make yourself a nice cup of coffee to go. Your own coffee often tastes just as good. You can easily spend a few dollars per days and as we all know, a few dollars over several days will be equal to hundreds of savings.

3. Have breakfast and coffee at home.

classic_espresso_machine.jpg Running to Starbucks or some café in the morning to grab your daily dose of caffeine and a sandwich is such a waste. Why not invest in a nice espresso machine instead? Espresso Gusto gives you great examples and options. Have a shot of freshly brewed espresso when you’re at home and bring one in a covered cup so you can have more warm coffee while in the office.

4. Ride a bike to work.

Gas costs money. Parking costs money. If you can walk or ride a bike to work, you will definitely save at least a couple of thousand dollars in a year. If your place of work is just too far away, probably carpooling is a better option.

5. Have an automatic-debit savings account linked to your payroll account.

Even before you start spending the money on your paycheck, set aside money for your savings first. However, it gets really tempting to spend the money you have in your hands so the best way to handle this is by setting up an auto debit on your payroll account that goes directly to your savings account. Ask your bank if they can help you out with this.

6. Write down your goals.

What exactly are your goals? How much money do you want to save by the end of the year? What does your dream house and car look like? If you have a definite vision of your dreams and goals, you will be more motivated to make it happen and you will definitely spend less and save more.

6. Reward yourself.

You might be surprised why rewarding yourself is on this list when you want to save money and not spend it. By setting an allowance to reward yourself, you can have a “fixed price” to spend on entertainment, leisure and basically just self-reward such as a new phone or a game for your PlayStation. As much as you deserve to reward yourself, make sure you limit it though. Spend within your means!


The Most Important Benefits of a Dehumidifier

basement_Dehumidifier.pngHaving a dehumidifier at home helps you monitor the moisture inside your hous, this is especially true if you have allergies or someone in your house has asthma. This appliance is also a useful unit in protecting your household items such as clothing, pianos, and other electrical devices, as having high humidity can damage these items. This appliance can get rid of extra moisture that can develop into molds or blister the paint.

Importance of this appliance

This unit is still necessary even though you already have an air conditioning system. A dehumidifier is especially useful in basements, laundry rooms and other areas of the house where dampness is heavy. It can also assist in eliminating or reducing musty odors.

When you have such appliance at home, you can maintain the ideal humidity level that varies every season. For instance, in summer, experts recommend having 50% relative humidity level. Winter months require at least 30% humidity.

How to choose the right dehumidifier?

With so many options available, it can be difficult for you to find the right model. To help you out, make sure that you consider the area where you want to install it. If the room is wide, you might consider getting bigger unit.

It’s also important to look into how this appliance collects water and its energy performance. Make sure that it has Energy Star to ensure that the unit consumes least amount of energy while it’s operating.

Read the user reviews to know more about the product you’re planning to buy.

It’s not necessary to purchase the most popular model available. What’s important here is that the dehumidifier has all the features that you need for your home. You won’t also need the most expensive unit. A simple unit can already to the trick.


Tips to Maintain Garbage Disposals in Working Condition

General_Electric_GFC520V.jpg Garbage disposals are helpful in managing the waste, directly in your own kitchen. But, just like any type of appliance, you need to maintain them properly to extend their lives. Take care of them so you can prevent plumbing and draining errors in the future.

What are the things that you can do to keep your garbage disposals in good working condition?

At all times, keep them clean

After washing your dishes, pour a little soap inside the unit. Add cold water. Then, let it run for a few minutes.

Use them regularly

This appliance is prone to rust and corrosion. To prevent that, you must frequently use it. This will ensure that each part stays moving. It will also prevent any type of obstructions from building-up.

Cut large items

Make sure that before you put large items into the unit they have already been cut into smaller pieces.

Grind medium-hard materials into the unit Let fish bones and small chicken bones to be processed by your garbage disposal. These items create particles within the grinding chamber. These particles will then clean the walls of the unit.

Use cold water

When you grind food waste into the unit, you must grind it with cold water. The water can harden oils present in the food. Once they are solidified, the machine can easily grind them.

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Toilets Aspects You Should Consider Before Buying One

Toilets are a necessity. They may not be the sexiest things that you want to purchase but they are more important than a new couch.

KOHLER_1.28_GPF_Santa_Rosa.jpgWhen purchasing a new set, however, there are things you must consider:

The cost

There are different types of toilets on the market and each of them has a different price tag. The basic rule is to purchase a style of toilet that meets your budget.

Regardless of what style you wish to have, make sure to opt for a model that comes with extensive warranty. Its replacement parts must also be easy to obtain.


Choose a model that has a water-efficient label on it. That is, it must come with a dual flush so the user will have the option to either half flush or full flush it.

How about aesthetics?

This is not a very important factor to consider when purchasing toilets. However, if you want to ensure that the set matches your bathroom décor, then you must choose a model that goes with the rest of your restroom’s interior decoration.

There is a wide range of options that you can choose from. It is up to you to decide what shape, finish and flush systems you must go for.

Is there a toilet that can flush quietly?

Compared with standard toilets, a wall-faced type offers a quieter performance. This is because its pipes are hidden within the wall of the bathroom. This style has become a more popular option these days because it can help you save space. Plus, it is easier to clean.

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The 3 Most Important Steam Cleaner Options

Steam cleaners are getting more and more popular these days. In fact, their sales are booming according to several manufacturers of this piece of equipment. The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V, which indeed is a very good carpet cleaner (as testified here, even seems to top the sales of upright vacuum cleaners.

HAAN_SI-70_Multi_Multiple_Purpose_Floor_Steamer_Blue.jpgamer_Blue.jpg, Apr 2014))But why did they become all the rage?

Effective in removing bacteria

They are not only useful in cleaning or taking out bacteria and grease but they are also effective in eliminating allergens and dust mites at home or in your office.

No need for a detergent

Unlike using a regular mop, steam cleaners do not require detergent or expensive cleaning products to clean the room or spots. Unwanted stains, bacteria and allergens can be removed through high-pressure steam.

What are the choices on hand?

The market is filled with different types of steam cleaners but most of them are categorized into three types. These are handheld, mop and cylinder. The first option – handheld – is a portable type of steam cleaner that can be easily stored. You can employ it when cleaning small areas, like tiles, hobs and windows. Upholstery too can be cleaned using this type of steam cleaner.

A mop is an upright steam cleaner that comes with a long handle, where the water is stored. It is usually employed in cleaning floors. The third option – cylinder – is the heaviest among the three options. Because of its size, it carries more water. That means there’s no need for you to refill the tank often. Although it is not as portable as the two options mentioned above, this type of steam cleaner is a versatile choice as it can be used to clean different surfaces, like taps, floors, grout, etc.

There are many brands and models of steam cleaners available on the market today. Make sure that you select a unit that meets your requirements, such as storage space, water capacity, etc.

More information at Steam Insider


The Perfect Night’s Dream Is Just A Click Away

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort and a perfect night’s sleep, the Ultimate Dreams 13 inch Gel mattress is the memory foam mattress you are looking for. Sure it is pricey but it pays off every penny by providing the comfort and luxury you have always been looking for in your mattress.

Ultimate-dreams-13inch-gel.jpgThe mattress is 13” in depth, 8” of high density memory foam at the bottom, then 2” of 5 Pound memory foam and at the top nestles the 3” gel type memory foam. The whole package comes in a knitted cover which looks quite cool.

It Is Good For Your Health:

The gel type foam supports the body weight perfectly. In fact, regular usage of this mattress will you rid you of your long time back problems quite efficiently. The gel type foam lets your body softly yet ergonomically sink in while the 5” foam supports the body weight while you sleep.

Some people complain being uncomfortable using this mattress for the first time. But this is mainly due to the fact that their bodies are used to the regular mattresses available in the market. You will need to give this mattress some time in order to get used to it and find the goodness it provides.

This mattress does not “Outgas” or create the odor the other mattresses do while outgassing. Due to the use of minimal compression while manufacturing, the outgas problem is not there and it is ready to use from the go. This mattress also comes with CertiPUR-US vertification which means that the mattress does not have chloroflurocarbons, ozone depleters and heavy metals that can harm the body and the room environment.

The mattress comes with a 20 year warranty and in many sizes such as King, Queen, California King, Twin and Twin XL and Full. The manufacturer also provides custom made sizes so you do not need to worry about size as you can get the perfect one for your home. Just buy this mattress and find the dream night’s sleep that you have always been looking for.

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The Perfect Swann Home Security System

A home security system is definitely the need of the hour in this age of rising crime rates. And what's good is that a security system will not only deter the miscreants from entering your property, but also keep an eye on your children or teenagers. Of course, the cost of full scale home security systems can often be quite high, so if you just want to keep an eye on your baby you can also go for a baby monitor (like these), but for more serious security applications the Swann DVR4-2550 is one system that gets the job done perfectly and also suits your pocket.


Day Or Night – Your Home Is Always Safe:

You read that right. This system has 4 cameras each of which are equipped to capture images all day long. In fact the smart sensing system automatically turns the video from color to black and white when the light is dim. Infrared motion sensors can detect movement and you can customize the detection settings so that it does not pick up every little thing that moves.

Easy To Install:

Installation is often a problem with most security systems. Keeping this in mind, the Swann has automatic UPnP plug and Play configuration. If your home router is UPnP compatible, the system will get configured automatically.

Watch From Anywhere:

You can configure the video feed to stream to your PC, laptop, monitors or even your TV. You can watch all 4 cameras at once which is a boon. Just plug in the video cable to your TV and find out what your kids are up to. Using the dedicated app and internet connection, you can also monitor the feed on your 3G smartphone while you are away.

Top Notch Specs:

A whooping 500 GB hard drive means that you can continuously record feed for 60 days which is perfect if you travel a lot. The video footage comes with date and timestamp so you can easily identify any incident and even use as evidence if necessary.

Do not let all this technical information blow you away. Just understand that the Swann DVR4-2550 is a quality home security system that lets you keep your home secure with high quality video surveillance 24 X 7. Buy it and sleep in peace again.

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Touchless Kitchen Faucets – A Perfect Combination Of Efficiency And Elegance

Designer faucets adorn every household that believes in a touch of elegance when it comes to the plumbing. Like every other thing in the modern society, faucets are going through a quantum shift as well in the form of touchless faucets.

Faucet_Water_Usage.pngThese faucets take advantage of motion detection sensors to find out when a hand or a cup has been placed underneath the spout and control the flow of water accordingly. Not only this saves a lot of water but it is also easy to use as well. Most of the models come with handles to control the water temperature and the amount of water that comes out once the tap detects motion.

Touchless faucets are not entirely new things in the market but unlike their predecessors the latest models are quite cost effective as well. So give your kitchen that much needed makeover by installing a smart touchless faucet.

The Advantages of Using an Airbed Over a Regular Bed

We spend a significant amount of time in this lifetime snoozing. This means it is essential that we feel relaxed and comfortable while sleeping. We also need to consider that the modern times are a lot more stressful and demanding; therefore a good night sleep is even more imperative.

Air_Bed.pngBut how can we obtain a restful slumber? Having a huge bed is not enough. You need to think about your own personal needs in order to find the perfect bed for you. Factors such as your posture, your health condition, your body weight and size, as well as your other preferences of course matter. When it comes to flexibility however, airbeds or air mattresses can actually be your best option.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Airbeds are inflatable and therefore adjustable beds. In just a single push of a button, you can easily modify the stiffness and softness of your bed. You can likewise adjust your air mattress according to your comfort needs. By fine-tuning your bed based on the shape of your body, you are guaranteed of absolute all-night comfort after a long day.
  • Ideal for people with allergies. Since airbeds are usually made of plastic or rubber materials, they don’t hold too much dust. Therefore making them a lot less conducive for dust mites.
  • Transportable and easy to keep after use. Portability is another key factor that makes an airbed beneficial to people on-the-go. You can easily deflate an air mattress after using it and then you can bring it with you to your next destination. This quality makes it your best outing or holiday buddy.
  • Air mattresses are multi-purpose. Besides the above reasons, you can certainly make use of an airbed as an extra bed for your guests, or use it for camping purposes besides making it your lifetime sleeping partner at home.

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