HAAN_SI-70_Multi_Multiple_Purpose_Floor_Steamer_Blue.jpgamer_Blue.jpg, Apr 2014))But why did they become all the rage?

Effective in removing bacteria

They are not only useful in cleaning or taking out bacteria and grease but they are also effective in eliminating allergens and dust mites at home or in your office.

No need for a detergent

Unlike using a regular mop, steam cleaners do not require detergent or expensive cleaning products to clean the room or spots. Unwanted stains, bacteria and allergens can be removed through high-pressure steam.

What are the choices on hand?

The market is filled with different types of steam cleaners but most of them are categorized into three types. These are handheld, mop and cylinder. The first option – handheld – is a portable type of steam cleaner that can be easily stored. You can employ it when cleaning small areas, like tiles, hobs and windows. Upholstery too can be cleaned using this type of steam cleaner.

A mop is an upright steam cleaner that comes with a long handle, where the water is stored. It is usually employed in cleaning floors. The third option – cylinder – is the heaviest among the three options. Because of its size, it carries more water. That means there’s no need for you to refill the tank often. Although it is not as portable as the two options mentioned above, this type of steam cleaner is a versatile choice as it can be used to clean different surfaces, like taps, floors, grout, etc.

There are many brands and models of steam cleaners available on the market today. Make sure that you select a unit that meets your requirements, such as storage space, water capacity, etc.

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