Day Or Night – Your Home Is Always Safe:

You read that right. This system has 4 cameras each of which are equipped to capture images all day long. In fact the smart sensing system automatically turns the video from color to black and white when the light is dim. Infrared motion sensors can detect movement and you can customize the detection settings so that it does not pick up every little thing that moves.

Easy To Install:

Installation is often a problem with most security systems. Keeping this in mind, the Swann has automatic UPnP plug and Play configuration. If your home router is UPnP compatible, the system will get configured automatically.

Watch From Anywhere:

You can configure the video feed to stream to your PC, laptop, monitors or even your TV. You can watch all 4 cameras at once which is a boon. Just plug in the video cable to your TV and find out what your kids are up to. Using the dedicated app and internet connection, you can also monitor the feed on your 3G smartphone while you are away.

Top Notch Specs:

A whooping 500 GB hard drive means that you can continuously record feed for 60 days which is perfect if you travel a lot. The video footage comes with date and timestamp so you can easily identify any incident and even use as evidence if necessary.

Do not let all this technical information blow you away. Just understand that the Swann DVR4-2550 is a quality home security system that lets you keep your home secure with high quality video surveillance 24 X 7. Buy it and sleep in peace again.

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