General_Electric_GFC520V.jpg Garbage disposals are helpful in managing the waste, directly in your own kitchen. But, just like any type of appliance, you need to maintain them properly to extend their lives. Take care of them so you can prevent plumbing and draining errors in the future.

What are the things that you can do to keep your garbage disposals in good working condition?

At all times, keep them clean

After washing your dishes, pour a little soap inside the unit. Add cold water. Then, let it run for a few minutes.

Use them regularly

This appliance is prone to rust and corrosion. To prevent that, you must frequently use it. This will ensure that each part stays moving. It will also prevent any type of obstructions from building-up.

Cut large items

Make sure that before you put large items into the unit they have already been cut into smaller pieces.

Grind medium-hard materials into the unit Let fish bones and small chicken bones to be processed by your garbage disposal. These items create particles within the grinding chamber. These particles will then clean the walls of the unit.

Use cold water

When you grind food waste into the unit, you must grind it with cold water. The water can harden oils present in the food. Once they are solidified, the machine can easily grind them.

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