KOHLER_1.28_GPF_Santa_Rosa.jpgWhen purchasing a new set, however, there are things you must consider:

The cost

There are different types of toilets on the market and each of them has a different price tag. The basic rule is to purchase a style of toilet that meets your budget.

Regardless of what style you wish to have, make sure to opt for a model that comes with extensive warranty. Its replacement parts must also be easy to obtain.


Choose a model that has a water-efficient label on it. That is, it must come with a dual flush so the user will have the option to either half flush or full flush it.

How about aesthetics?

This is not a very important factor to consider when purchasing toilets. However, if you want to ensure that the set matches your bathroom décor, then you must choose a model that goes with the rest of your restroom’s interior decoration.

There is a wide range of options that you can choose from. It is up to you to decide what shape, finish and flush systems you must go for.

Is there a toilet that can flush quietly?

Compared with standard toilets, a wall-faced type offers a quieter performance. This is because its pipes are hidden within the wall of the bathroom. This style has become a more popular option these days because it can help you save space. Plus, it is easier to clean.

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